Blueberries are Ripe!

The blueberries are starting to come in. Our grandson loves to eat them, especially when he can pick them himself!


Three of the eggs in the birds nest in the flower box hatched over a week ago.

Bird Nest in the Flower Box

A  bird had built a nest and laid 4 eggs in the flower box off the sun room. It’s a small brown bird -  my guess is a finch, sparrow or wren.

Staunton, VA, Rated One of Best Main Streets in the USA!

Staunton VA gets high ratings again!  This time by Travel and Leisure online magazine as one of the best main streets in the USA.  Check it out at:

Staunton is only about 17 miles from Blueberry Hill Farm. We would love to have you stay with us when you visit Staunton.

Staunton Rated One of Top Small Towns in USA

Staunton, Virginia, has been rated by the Smithsonian Magazine as one of the top 20 small towns in the USA. Check out the online article at:

Staunton is only about 25 min away from Blueberry Hill Farm. Come visit Staunton and stay with us when you come!